June 13, 2006

Cancel Fitzmas!!

Looks like the fake photo above is the closest the looney left will get to seeing Rove dragged away in cuffs.

Drudge is keeping track of the response from the left. Naturally truthout.org has been silent.

photo courtesy Fark.com

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Clinton: GOP Policies Will Cause More Hurricanes

According to an AP report, Bill Clinton appeared at a fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party Monday and attacked current GOP environmental policies saying that they will lead to more severe hurricanes:

"It is now generally recognized that while Al Gore and I were ridiculed, we were right about global warming," Clinton said at a fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party. "It's a serious problem. It's going to lead to more hurricanes."

As 8daysawk points out in his blog, The Voice of Reason, one problem with Mr. Clinton's logic is the fact that Gore mentions in his quackumentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," that global warming actually got worse during the Clinton administration. That is, if you even believe in global warming.

As far as Clinton's remarks are concerned, I have already linked to many articles which debunk global warming, many dating back as far as 1997, all using the same logic to debunk this junk science. What is important about Clinton's statement is the fact that he makes a direct correlation between this "global warming" and increased hurricane strength. Back in October 2005, I posted a link to an article by Philip Klotzbach, research associate with the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State, which debunked the idea that global warming had an impact on hurricane strengths. The linked article in that post is no longer available, however World Climate Report has an article summarizing Mr. Klotzbach's findings on his research:

These findings are contradictory to the conclusions drawn by Emanuel (2005) and Webster et al. (2005). They do not support the argument that global TC [tropical cyclone] frequency, intensity and longevity have undergone increases in recent years. Utilizing global ‘‘best track’’ data, there has been no significant increasing trend in ACE [accumulated cyclone energy] and only a small increase (~10%) in Category 4–5 hurricanes over the past twenty years, despite an increase in the trend of warming sea surface temperatures during this time period.

The results of this paper are more in line with a prior study by Shapiro and Goldenberg (1998) and a project report by Gray and Klotzbach (2005). Shapiro and Goldenberg (1998) showed only marginally significant correlations between SSTs in the tropical Atlantic and major hurricane development in the basin. Vertical wind shear was shown to be a much more fundamental component for major hurricane development and maintenance. Gray and Klotzbach (2005), while developing seasonal hurricane forecasts for TC activity, found only a modest correlation (~0.4) between seasonal and monthly Atlantic basin SSTs and major (Category 3–4–5) hurricane frequency. This study indicates that, based on data over the last twenty years, no significant increasing trend is evident in global ACE or in Category 4–5 hurricanes.

The simple fact is, Clinton and Gore were both wrong about global warming then and they're wrong about it now. The sad part is that they know they're wrong...they simply don't care. They are high-profile political celebrities and they're going to use their status to help the Dems gain control of Congress in 2006 and the Presidency in 2008. This is simply another example of political pandering from the looney left.

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June 05, 2006

Gore: No Plans for 2008 Presidential Run

According to an AP report, Al Gore appeared on ABC's "This Week," which was broadcast on Sunday, claiming that he has no plans to run for President in 2008:

"I haven't made a Sherman statement, but that's not an effort to hold the door open. It's more the internal shifting of gears," said Gore, referring to Civil War-era general William Tecumseh Sherman. "I can't imagine any circumstances in which I would become a candidate again. I've found other ways to serve. I'm enjoying them."

Gore referred to Sherman's famous words upon retiring from the Army in 1884, which put to rest talk of a presidential run: "If nominated I will not run; if elected I will not serve."

Gore, in an interview broadcast Sunday on ABC's "This Week," stopped short of issuing such an equivocal statement. But he said his time is best spent educating people on heat-trapping gases raising the Earth's surface temperature. He's promoting "An Inconvenient Truth," a film that chronicles his intricate slide shows on global warming.

The key here is that Gore has not issued a "Sherman statement." In other words, he's leaving it open to change his mind later. Perhaps I'm wrong. I've been known to be wrong before on several occasions but I firmly believe that he will make a Presidential run in 2008. What is so special about Gore saying he has no plans for '08? Many people perceived to make a run in 2008, in both parties, have not confirmed or denied the possibility. Why should Gore be any different? Gore has been in politics for a long time. He knows that to mention a possible 2008 Presidential run at this point, while his film,"An Inconvenient Truth," is currently in the box office, would be in poor taste and he would stand little to gain from making such a proclamation right now. As far as his denial is concerned, I'm not buying it. I guess we'll see in a couple of years.

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June 03, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth: Exposing the Global Warming Myth

The inconvenient truth is finally here: Al Gore will never be President of the United States. Well...it's inconvenient to him, but very convenient to those of us in the world who still actually have our sanity. In his new "documentary," Gore pretends to be the compassionate and caring humanitarian concerned with the future of our children living in an environment full of massive category bazillion hurricanes and average daily temperatures in the million degrees range. In truth, this quackumentary has but one goal for the future: get Al Gore elected President in 2008, a notion far more disturbing for our children than global warming. Personally, I haven't seen the film and I don't intend on watching it. Why? How can I protest to criticize Gore and this film when I won't even watch it? The answer is quite simple really: I don't care to watch liberal propaganda based on quack science. The idea of global warming has been debunked many times over the years. It reminds me of that drunk uncle that always shows up at the family reunion. He completely makes an ass of himself and then disappears for a few years, but he never really goes away. For some reason, this still pops up from time to time and with the devastation wrought by Katrina, mostly due to the incompetence of local Louisiana government officials, it has become a talking point for the liberal propaganda machine.

Even as far back as 1997, global warming was debunked. Oh, but that was nearly 10 years ago. Much has changed in the world since then right? Well, as it relates to global warming, no, not really. From the article cited above:

Why, then, is there continuing scientific interest in "global warming"? There is a field of inquiry in which scientists are using computers to try to predict the weather--even global weather over very long periods. But global weather is so complicated that current data and computer methods are insufficient to make such predictions. Although it is reasonable to hope that these methods will eventually become useful, for now computer climate models are very unreliable. The second chart shows predicted temperatures for the past 20 years, based on the computer models. It's not surprising that they should have turned out wrong--after all the weatherman still has difficulty predicting local weather even for a few days. Long-term global predictions are beyond current capabilities.

Guess what...long-term global predictions, to the extent Gore presents them, are still beyond current capabilities. In other words, while the article may be 10 years old, "global warming" is still a myth for the same reasons. A recent article on Fox News which debunks the idea of global warming, written by Steven Milloy, echoes the same rationalization:

So where does all the fuss about manmade CO2 and global warming come from? Not from actual temperature measurements and greenhouse physics – rather it comes from manmade computer models relying on myriad assumptions and guesswork. Many models incorporate hypothesized “positive feedbacks” in the climate system, which tend to amplify model predictions. But no model has been validated against the historical temperature record. So they don’t “radiate” much confidence when it comes to forecasting temperatures.

For some reason, you just can't get liberals to understand these things. Take Roger Ebert for instance; he gives the quackumentary a rave review and even goes as far as to say:

"In 39 years, I have never written these words in a movie review, but here they are: You owe it to yourself to see this film. If you do not, and you have grandchildren, you should explain to them why you decided not to."

Of course, like everything that has the liberal stamp of approval, his review itself is full of contradictions. He begins:

"I want to write this review so every reader will begin it and finish it. I am a liberal, but I do not intend this as a review reflecting any kind of politics. It reflects the truth as I understand it, and it represents, I believe, agreement among the world's experts."

and then towards the end of the review:

"Am I acting as an advocate in this review? Yes, I am. I believe that to be "impartial" and "balanced" on global warming means one must take a position like Gore's. There is no other view that can be defended."

I'm not being political in this review....I am indeed being political in this review. He wraps up the diatribe:

"I did a funny thing when I came home after seeing "An Inconvenient Truth." I went around the house turning off the lights."

Apparently the lights were off when you proofread your review, Mr. Ebert.

Kyle Smith, of the New York Post, offers a much more logical review than Ebert and points out the stupidity in Gore's assertion of a future of catastrophe:

" A sister who smoked and died of lung cancer? The lesson is that those who used to deny that smoking caused disease were wrong, so anyone who doubts catastrophic global warming must also be wrong."

The Democrats are not concerned with global warming. They aren't concerned with minority rights. They aren't concerned about those left homeless after Katrina. They aren't concerned with the American troops dying daily in Iraq to preserve the future security of this country. They aren't concerned with any of the issues they've used as talking points over the years. The Democrats are concerned with one thing: take back Washington D.C. They will stop at nothing to accomplish this goal. "An Inconvenient Truth" only shapes up to be an inconvenient lie with the hopes of putting the Dems back in power.

The following sites contain information on the myths of global warming:

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June 01, 2006

Roy Moore Represents More Than Just the Ten Commandments

On June 6th, Alabama citizens will head to the polls to vote in the primary elections. Of particular importance this year is the race between the two Republican candidates: incumbent Bob Riley and his challenger Roy Moore. Most people in Alabama, indeed around the country, know the name Roy Moore due to his infamous refusal as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the State Judicial Building in Montgomery which subsequently led to his removal from the position. While many in the state have mixed views about Judge Moore's decision, there is no question that he is a man of high character. As of now, Riley is well ahead of Moore in the opinion polls. He is favored by 69% of the population likely to vote in the primary according to one report in the Mobile Register. Essentially the overall feel in the state is that Roy Moore is a very honorable and respectable man but not really a serious candidate for Governor of Alabama. But Roy Moore's campaign is not just focused on kowtowing to the "religious right" as the media has proclaimed. Here is a summary of Moore's campaign platform taken from his website:

1. Legislative reform - Stop power of special interest lobbyists and return control of government to the people of Alabama.

* Term Limits. No legislator should be allowed to serve 3 consecutive terms in the same office, a provision already in effect for other constitutional officers.
* Fewer Legislative Sessions. The Alabama legislature should hold regular sessions every other year, as it has done during three periods of our history.
* "Double-Dipping." Iron-clad legislation to stop the unethical practice of legislators holding two state positions for profit, making them taxpayer-paid lobbyists for special interests.

2. Education - Recognize freedom in education and return control of education to the parents.

* Eliminate education bureaucracy and control of special interest labor union bosses.
* Explore enhancements to the public education system such as: charter schools, private tax credits, (SGO) scholarships granting organizations, etc.

3. Taxation and wasteful government spending - Restore a conservative philosophy of government.

* Just say "No" to irresponsible taxes like the "largest tax increase in history" recently proposed by the current administration.
* Revoke order mandating annual reappraisals of property which result in increased taxes every year.
* Stop "pork barrel" spending by strengthening the Governor's veto power.

4. Illegal aliens - Secure Alabama citizenship.

* Urge the President and U.S. Congress to close U.S. borders to illegal entry.
* Effective legislation to impose fines and penalties on those who employ illegal aliens for their own profit.

5. Morality - Preserve our moral heritage.

* Defend the right of every person to include teachers, judges, and state, county and municipal offices to publicly acknowledge God as the moral foundation of law, liberty, and government.
* Oppose gambling, pornography, and same-sex marriage.
* Secure God-given inalienable rights of life, liberty, and property.

It's quite obvious that Roy Moore is concerned with a lot more than simply pleasing the Christian base in Alabama. In politics, there is no more important aspect, in my own opinion, than a man's character. Alabama needs a man like Moore in the position of Governor. Even as his peers unanimously voted to suspend him from his position as Chief Justice, Judge Moore stood by his principles. There is no question that the GOP, on the national level, has started heading down a slippery slope by ignoring the values of the people who put them in their positions. Roy Moore understands this and seeks to revive strong conservative values in the state of Alabama by returning the state to the people. As June 6th approaches, I urge every Alabama resident to look at the issues from both Republican candidates and vote based on those issues. I know, without a doubt, who I'll be casting my vote for.

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