November 08, 2005

Tuesday Articles and Open Trackbacks

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GOP senators vow to investigate the "secret prisons" leak to the WaPo.

Got kids in college or attend college yourself? College professor by day, PIJ terrorist by night.

In his newest article, Thomas Sowell points out how this idea of "tolerance" has invited and welcomed those who are "intolerant"-Muslims. As evidenced in the riots in France.

The Birmingham News has a great article on the affect illegal immigration is having on Alabama. Where do we draw the line?

Alito tells Lieberman that Roe deseveres great respect as precedent. I'm sure the Dems will be pleased to hear that.

Alabama Governor, Bob Riley, calls for nationwide boycott on Aruba.

Saudi Arabia wants more cooperation from U.S. even though they've been funneling money to Palestinian terrorist organizations.

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