November 21, 2005

Carnival of the Magnolias IV

Welcome to the fourth Carnival of the Magnolias, the official blog carnival of the Southern Blog Federation, where we highlight the best and brightest from around the southern portion of the blogosphere. Now onto the carnival!

Our first stop is INSIGHT on Freedom where Longstreet discusses the constitutional right to bear arms and the lunacy of gun control. "From my cold, dead hands!"

Doug Payton points out a change in voting patterns among African-Americans. Perhaps the minorities in this country are starting to understand that they shouldn't compromise their moral values to elect Democrats who won't do anything for them anyway.

Karen Baker has some before and after pics from Biloxi Beach in the wake of Katrina. We all know how devastating the hurricane was but seeing before and after pics really puts it all into perspective.

Back on INSIGHT on Freedom Longstreet points out how the dogmatic atheists seek to ensure that Christians won't be able to exercise their constitutional right to worship Christ. That's really what these people want despite what they say. They want a nation which does not allow worship of any kind especially Christ.

Reb Chaim HaQoton gives us some history on the use of wine in Judaism and how it should be used in the spiritual sense rather than to appease physical desires.

Norm Leahy discusses pragmatism, kamikazes, and principles in politics. Should politicians compromise the principles of their constituents?

Finally we return to INSIGHT on Freedom where Longstreet offers his thoughts on the out of control Supreme Court and the rise of big government. Where does it end?

That does it for this week's edition. Thanks to everyone who submitted! If you're from the southern United States and would like to submit an article for the carnival you can simply use the all-purpose carnival submit form or you can email your entry to southern dot league at gmail dot com. Entries are due by Sunday nights at 7 PM EST. You do not have to be a member of the SBF to enter a post into the carnival although it is encouraged.

If you're interested in hosting the Carnival of the Magnolias take a look at the upcoming available dates and drop me a line at everyman dot blog at gmail dot com to let me know what date you'd like to host.

The Carnival of the Magnolias is featured on TTLB's Ubercarnival.

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