October 05, 2005

Everyone remember former Chief Justice

Everyone remember former Chief Justice Roy Moore? The man who defied the federal judiciary's unconstitutional order to remove the Ten Commandments monument has announced he is running for governor in Alabama in 2006.
"We live in a crucial time in our history, a time when our rights are being eroded while the real problems in this state are oftentime ignored," Moore, 58, said.

"As our taxes continue to rise, the education of our children continues to decline," Moore said. "And at a time when morality seems to be disappearing, our courts are preoccupied with telling children they can't pray and telling public officials they can't acknowledge the God that is the source of our morality."

Moore said his campaign could be summed up with one theme: "Return Alabama to the people."

Roy Moore proved his integrity when he refused to back down from the federal government. At the time he had no political motivations--he merely stood up for what he felt was right. We need more people like Roy Moore in government. He'll have my vote.

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