May 21, 2006

Oh They're Killing Bears? Let's Get Naked!!

Reuters reports:

LONDON (Reuters) - Around 100 animal rights campaigners stripped naked in central London on Sunday to protest the use of traditional bearskin hats worn by military guards on ceremonial parade.

Wearing nothing but bear masks and carrying placards saying "Bears Slaughtered for the Queen's Guards -- Indefensible", the group gathered to call on the Queen and the Ministry of Defense to end use of the foot-high bear pelt hat known as a busby.

"The Ministry of Defense has blood on its hands while it allows bears to be slaughtered for ceremonial caps when beautiful synthetics are available", says PETA's Anita Singh.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said they were looking for alternatives to the Canadian bearskin used for the hats but that it was proving very difficult.

The ministry told the BBC three years ago that skins for the hats are a by-product of bear culls by the Canadian government.

Soldiers wearing the hats can be seen all year outside the Buckingham Palace, where the changing of the guard is a popular tourist attraction.

Wearing bearskins is thought to have been a tradition of some regiments since 1815 when the monarch granted the right to don the head gear in recognition of the defeat of Napoleon's bearskin-wearing Imperial Guard at the Battle of Waterloo.

You know, anymore, nothing that comes from the left is a surprise. PETA has been known to sponsor nude protests for years and this is simply one more example of their lunacy. Basically it's just an excuse for a bunch of liberal morons to "get naked."

I have tried, for years, to understand the liberal mentality and it always seems to escape me. Perhaps it's due to the fact that they have no uniform stance on any issue; rather they're simply advocates for an "anything goes" society-a form of anarchy really. They are a group full of contradictions (abort the babies, save the animals) rather than principles. The only true principle of leftism is that their are no principles. We all saw Michelle Malkin's meltdown yesterday in response to those idiots at Wonkette and truthfully, that is what they want. They live to raise the ire of conservatives and stir the pot. They don't care about making offensive racial remarks because they simply don't care about anything. They want a free-for-all society with no values and no restrictions. While the Malkin/Wonkette incident was ugly, things are likely going to get even uglier as the 2006 Congressional elections loom nearby. The Dems and the left have both adopted the same policy: take control of congress and impeach the President. That is the only principle they'll be running on and God help us if they take over. It will be an embarrassment to America.

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