October 03, 2005

There is no question that

There is no question that George W. Bush hasn't been the greatest President to sit in the Oval Office. Even back in 2004 during the campaign, conservatives admitted that Bush had quite a few failings in his first tenure but we, the American citizens, thought that Bush would have been the "lesser of two evils." No question that Kerry would have taken this nation down a road that would ultimately have led to cultural implosion and destruction. But if Bush was “a not-so-great President” in his first term he can now officially be labeled a “bad President” for the actions of his second term thus far. The conservatives in this country need to wake up and realize that Bush and the GOP have abandoned us. We have been left behind in favor of votes. The President had one last chance to establish himself as one of the great conservative leaders of our time, ultimately saving this nation from moral and cultural demise, by nominating the right person for the Supreme Court Justice position being left vacant by Justice O'Connor. Things were looking good for the conservatives. All the ducks were lined up in a neat little row. Bush announced that he would nominate a woman or minority to the position. Democrats would have had a hard time explaining to the minority population (which constitutes a large portion of their constituency) why they blocked a Janice Rogers Brown or Larry Thompson, both extremely qualified for their positions, to a seat on the highest court in the land. The Dems had their backs against the walls politically speaking. If they kept their promise to vote against the President's nomination, they would have been committing political suicide had that nominee been a minority regardless of that nominee’s political persuasion. If they did not vote against a very conservative justice they would essentially be risking a cultural shift to the right and the fall of the left-wing machine for quite some time. Essentially for the Dems it was a lose-lose situation. Then Bush, with one last chance to prove to the conservatives in this nation that he still valued the ideology that placed him in his position, nominated Harriet Miers--his attorney. In an administration that has reeked of claims of cronyism, this will go down as his biggest failing. How will Miers be on the court? No one can answer that question. The general consensus is that she will not be able to lead the charge back to Constitutional and moral values in the nation's highest court essentially becoming a swing vote. While her record in the legal field indicates that she is, for the most part, a conservative she is not the person for this position. This is the epitome of selling out the GOP for votes by taking a moderate role. With an approval rating of around 40%, and certainly bound to plummet after this debacle, Bush has compromised our nation's values to ensure that the GOP still sits in the White House in 2008. He had a chance to become a conservative icon and he failed. So what does this mean? It means that the strong conservatives in this nation need to abandon the GOP. They have already turned their back on us. We needn't look to the GOP for political solace anymore. That is why I have switched my party affiliation to the Constitution Party. This is a party that, thus far, looks to be growing at a grassroots level rapidly. They demand a return to the ideals and principles laid out in the Constitution by our founding fathers. If you are a conservative, and care about the future of this country, you must realize that the GOP has taken a turn away from our values. Their only concern is power and their loyalties do not lie with the people of this great nation. It is time for a wake up call.
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