October 02, 2005

It brings me great pleasure

It brings me great pleasure to finally be able to vote in my favorite team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, into the top ten. There were doubts in many fan's minds about the Tide's 4-0 start. They had yet to face a truly tough opponent in their first four games so the great opening was a bit questionable. I don't think anyone is questioning them now. This is a team that is for real. They took down the team that I, and many other NCAA fans, thought could be a serious contender for the Rose Bowl. All I can say is: we're back!!

1. USC 4-0
2. Texas 4-0
3. Virginia Tech 5-0
4. Florida State 4-0
5. Wisconsin 5-0
6. Alabama 5-0
7. Georgia 4-0
8. Penn State 5-0
9. Nebraska 4-0
10. Tennessee 3-1

1. USC Against Oregon we saw the Trojans go down early only to come back in the second half and blow the Ducks away. We saw the same thing happen this week against the Sun Devils of Arizona State. One begins to wonder if the Trojans are playing little cat and mouse games. We'll find out on the 15th when they take on Notre Dame

2. Texas Mack Brown and the Longhorns continue to roll on easily defeating Mizzou. Next week will be a tough one for them as they take on archrival Oklahoma. It'll probably be a competitive game early but look for the horns to easily take them out in the end.

3. Virginia Tech The Hokies move up a couple of spots thanks to losses from the Gators and LSU and, of course, their stellar play. They took down a hungry West Virginia team with a lot to prove. They'll probably cruise through their next couple of games but look for their meetup with BC to be a challenge.

4. Florida State The Seminoles move up two spots for the mere fact that the Gators and Tigers lost and, unlike VT, not for their stellar play. They've beaten a couple of quality teams though and will be a contender in the ACC. The only real challenges they have left are with Virginia and Florida. I think they'll cruise into the ACC title game only to be pummelled by the Hokies.

5. Wisconsin This was a telling week for the Big Ten. We're beginning to separate the men from the boys. Michigan State and Minnesota couldn't keep pace. Meanwhile the Badgers keep on rolling. While they luck up and avoid the Buckeyes, they still have some challenges ahead. The remainder of their schedule won't be easy with games against Penn State, Iowa, Minnesota, and Purdue.

6. Alabama Finally they arrive back where they belong after such a long absence. After the way they brutally manhandled Florida I don't think there is anyone that can argue that the Crimson Tide is not the best team in the SEC. They proved that their 4-0 start was no fluke and they're hungry to win the SEC. I just hope they're hungry to win more than that. Roses anyone? We'll see.

7. Georgia Sorry, Georgia. Unlike the AP and other polls, you don't get a free pass to move up in my top 10 for being idle. Not this early anyway. Quite simply: Georgia is the best in the East and Bama is the best in the West.

8. Penn State I was hesitant to put them in the top ten earlier for the same reason I was hesitant to put in Bama: because they hadn't really played anyone. Well, in a Big Ten showdown with Minnesota (who sneaked into my top 10 last week) they won in convincing fashion. Their greatest challenge of the season could be next week when they meet up with Ohio State.

9. Nebraska Another team I was hesitant to move up but the Huskers are back...for now anyway. They proved that they're legit by beating a solid Iowa State team. I wonder how long the momentum will last. They have to play Texas Tech next week who are demanding respect even though they've played a very weak schedule so far. Don't expect the Red Raiders to score 80 against Nebraska.

10. Tennessee I'll probably eat my words later. I never like to put one loss teams ahead of undefeated teams in my top 10 until well into the season when there are only a couple, if any, undefeated teams left. Anyone who watched the second half against LSU Monday night knows that the Vols went above and beyond any expectations to pull that one out and win in OT. Even though the Irish have played a tougher schedule (as a one loss team) I still have to put the Vols ahead of them. If they can keep their quarterback situation straight then they could be very dangerous.

Dropped Out: Florida, LSU, Minnesota, Michigan State

Notables: California, Notre Dame, Texas Tech, Miami

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