September 27, 2005

I've been doing some digging

I've been doing some digging on Judge Jones and what I've found has been a bit disturbing. For example, in the intelligent design case, Judge Jones would not allow the Foundation for Thought and Ethics to become co-defendants with the Dover School District on this issue. The FTE is the group behind the referenced textbook in the case, Of Pandas and People and have extensive knowledge of intelligent design. So why is this bad? Well, the FTE could have provided its own attorneys to help out in the defense along with those from the Thomas More Law Center. They also could have provided expert insight into intelligent design that may be overlooked. Meanwhile, the 8 families represented are getting assistance on this issue from who else...the ACLU which, as we all know, has mega bucks and power behind it thanks to the American taxpayer. So why didn't Judge Jones allow FTE to step in? Because their intervention in the case apparently "wasn't timely." I fear that this will be a no-brainer for Judge Jones. With little to back them up, Dover can probably look to lose this one big time.
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