September 23, 2005

Karl Rove details proposal

Karl Rove details proposal for a guest worker program which would legalize millions of illegal aliens. The article goes on to say:
Concerned that increasingly strident anti-immigrant voices within the party were undermining its efforts to reach out to Hispanic voters, the administration formed a coalition of business groups and immigration advocates during the summer to lobby for the sort of comprehensive reform plan Bush has sought since 2001
In other words, Bush is not only ignoring our borders and the illegal alien problem, he's selling out the safety of the American citizen for republican votes. Obviously any conservative can see how this compromises national security. Opponents of the act, the majority of which are republicans themselves, state that this will only attract more illegal aliens to our country. Yeah...thats the intent. So what have we learned from 9/11? That our president blatantly ignores the border/illegal alien issue. This can not be tolerated.

h/t: Jane Loves Tarzan

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