September 21, 2005

Many of you have probably

Many of you have probably heard by now, if you go to google's main search page and type in the word "failure", the top link is a direct link to President Bush's official presidential profile. This of course, stems from the fact that Bush was "googlebombed." The folks at google issued a statement saying they would be reluctant to fix the obvious sabotoge. It should be noted that a few years ago a company called Quixtar tried a similar tactic in an effort to push down the negative results for their business which resulted from typing in "quixtar" in the search box. Once google found out about the tactic they manipulated the Quixtar search results and "spanked" the company for its effort to sabatoge the google search results. It is worth noting that google is a strong supporter of the democratic party. A quick look on points out that Google has contributed over $71,000 to the democrats. Seems like the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly to me.
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