September 18, 2005

Among my many other interests

Among my many other interests outside of politics and social science, is college football. I'm a huge fan of the game and have been for as long as I can remember. I've never been a huge fan of preseason rankings. I usually wait until about the third week in before I make any judgements on who I think are contenders. After three weeks in the books, here are my top 10 teams with some fan analysis. I'm not an expert on college football. These are simply my thoughts.

1. USC
2. Texas
3. Florida
4. LSU
5. Virginia Tech
6. Florida State
7. Georgia
8. Louisville
9. Michigan State
10. Wisconsin

1. USC Its hard to argue with facts and the fact is, USC is putting up insane numbers and are pulverizing teams with their second string at times. They have all the elements to pull off an undefeated schedule and will probably walk into the national championship game easily.

2. Texas Texas had a good test early against Ohio State and passed. The Buckeyes gave them a run for their money but Texas was still able to come out on top. They have a good chance at finishing up undefeated as well but they still have some challenges ahead including games against Texas Tech and Texas A&M. Not to mention they have to play Oklahoma which is always a tough game despite either team’s record.

3. Florida Urban Meyer’s system works. He was able to do some unbelievable things at Bowling Green and Utah and is probably going to have continued success in the SEC. Florida was lucky to snag him. With Chris Leak able to run the offense there is no reason that the Gators shouldn’t be playing USC in the national championship.

4. LSU Although they’ve only played one game, they beat a good team in Arizona State. They pulled together late in the fourth quarter to come out on top. Its moments like that that can define a team’s season. On a squad loaded with talent they are the favorites to win the SEC in most people’s opinions.

5. Virginia Tech 90 unanswered points over two games. Sure they haven’t played a true contender as of yet but Vick looks as good as his older brother and the Hokies look to be the favorite to win the ACC. It won’t be an easy road though. They still have tough games against Miami, BC, Georgia Tech and Virginia ahead of them.

6. Florida State While I’m usually not an FSU bandwagon jumper, they have proven that they won’t be simply giving the ACC crown up to the Hokies this season. They’ve had tough games against Miami and BC and have come out on top. With a favorable schedule ahead they could be undefeated when they face the Gators on November 26th.

7. Georgia Somehow the Bulldogs find a way to keep themselves at the top. After a near upset to South Carolina the dogs rebounded quite well against Louisiana-Monroe, a team they should have beat convincingly and did 44-7.

8. Louisville They made a statement Sunday against the Beavers. I look for big things from this team. They’ll easily win the Big East but even if they are undefeated they probably won’t get a shot at playing USC based on their weak schedule.

9. Michigan State You’re probably saying, don’t you mean Michigan? No, the Spartans are off to a great start and had a big win over resurging Notre Dame on Sunday. They’re proving that they are going to be a contender in the Big 10 this year. They’re winning big against mediocre teams and proved they can win the big game when they burst the Irish’s bubble.

10. Wisconsin Wisconsin is playing well early on. With Calhoun, a Heisman contender in my opinion, they will be giving the Big 10 all they can stand. They have a really big test against the Wolverines next week in their conference opener. This is a chance for them to put their program on the map this season.

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