October 12, 2005

Clinton-Sorry You Lost Your Homes. Now, Where Are the Ribs?

According to this Monday Mobile Register article, Bill Clinton arrived in Mobile last Wednesday to survey the damage that Katrina wrought along the Gulf Coast. Apparently Clinton had a hankering for some Alabama barbeque. From the article:

The two-term president had a hankering for some Lower Alabama barbecue and had one of his aides call ahead to The Brick Pit for a hefty order to go. "They called me Wednesday morning before they left New York. I guess they saw the menu online," said Brick Pit owner Bill Armbrecht.That afternoon, Armbrecht loaded up six slabs of ribs, six pounds of pulled pork, four smoked chickens and enough cole slaw and barbecued beans to feed a crowd and delivered them to Clinton's airplane at Mobile Regional Airport. "They told me it was enough for 15 people, but that's about three times as much food as they needed," Armbrecht said.

Armbrecht didn't get to meet the former chief executive who was still touring Bayou La Batre when he made his delivery. But he did get to go on Clinton's chartered plane where he set out the spread. "The pilots got to eat and they liked it," he said with a laugh.

Walkout price: $320 with extra napkins.

Always good to see the Dems suffering with the people.

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