October 13, 2005

Naming the Enemy

In his opinion column yesterday, Tony Blankley pointed out how the MSM has failed to note the importance of Bush's speech last week. The fact that the President, for the first time, named the enemy in this war on terror-"Islamofascists."

The American people needed to hear this. We didn't want to hear more politically correct rhetoric. Simply put: we wanted to know whom exactly we were fighting and why. America stands nothing to gain by catering to the enemy and avoding to name them. This is not a war about religion or Islam. This is about stamping out those who would manipulate the beliefs of others in order to establish an extremist totalitarian empire in the Middle East. We cannot allow that to happen.

The left offers no answers to the situation in Iraq. They tout themselves as humanitarians who are always looking out for the "little guy." The constant criticism over the war on terror does nothing but create more strife in this nation and make us appear weak to our enemies. These leftists continuously spout off "bring our troops home" but when asked about the future of the people in Iraq, and the chaos that is certain to erupt if we simply pull out, they can offer no solution. When faced with the fact that pulling out would only result in unifying an enemy bent on destroying America and our way of life, the left has no answer. Why? Because the only solution is to finish the job. Progress is being made in Iraq. Saturday the Iraqi people will vote on a constitution. They are experiencing freedom for the first time. We cannot simply walk away at this point. To do so would only strengthen the enemy and weaken our own resolve. We have not failed in Iraq despite what the MSM may have the people of this great nation think. We must stay the course until we have defeated these islamofascist extremists.

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