February 03, 2006

Party of the Loons

It is sad that the most memorable moment in President Bush's State of the Union address was the wild applause rendered by the Democrats when the President made mention of how Congress had failed to pass Social Security reform last year. Aside from that horrible moment the State of the Union was probably one of President Bush's better speeches in quite some time. He touched upon many of the key issues facing our nation over the upcoming year. That abhorrent display by the lunatics within the Democratic party essentially summarized their answer to every problem facing America today: nihilism, as Tony Blankley pointed out in his column today.

Problem? What problem? The biggest problem facing the United States today, in looney land, is our "intolerance" of homosexuals--oh and that "LIAR" of a President. They have no answers because, in their eyes, there is no problem. Iraq is a bunch of lies and our President is leading a corrupt crusade against Islam in an effort to fill his own pockets with blood money. Their idea of a solution is Presidential impeachment. This is the state of the Democratic party today. They have nothing better to offer the American people than the Republicans so they wage a smear war against an already uncharismatic President. Of course they defend their lack of solutions with the "opposition" cop-out. 2006 is upon us and the Democrats have secured themselves of one thing: another defeat by Republicans in the elections this year.

The Democratic party used to stand for something. Now, they face internal collapse because of the idiocy of Dean and Kerry and Kennedy and Clinton and McKinney and the list goes on. They ride on the mere hope that Hillary can become elected in 2008 simply because her last name is Clinton. They ride on the coattails of the claim that Bush lied about WMD, plunging us into a war that has sucked our assets dry even though many of those same Democrats admitted on numerous occaisions that they believed Saddam to be in possession of WMD.

Whether it's Dean calling Republicans evil or Hillary rolling her eyes at the President there is one thing that remains clear; the Democratic party is in a state of chaos. Personally I'm glad to see their lunacy exposed on a near daily basis. The lunacy of the Democrats merely adds fuel to the fire of their inevitable defeat. I don't see anyone calling the fire department. We'll just let this one burn on forever.

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