February 03, 2006

Daily Roundup and Open Trackbacks

Eric of Eric's Grumbles and the Liberty Papers offers some insight on why the Muslim stereotypes may be correct.

The Patriot Act has been extended five weeks. Looks like they are modifying it somewhat in an effort to appease those concerned with civil liberties. Is it enough?

Six churches in rural Alabama were set on fire last night. Several of them burned down to the ground. Arson is the obvious cause but the more important question is why?

18 Month old child kept alive by Berlin Heart which has yet to be approved by the FDA. Amazing story.

Hopefull gubernatorial candidate Roy Moore, the Ten Commandments judge, has received donations from people from 49 states. He has decided against accepting donations from PACs (political action committees) as he has said:

"Our campaign is about people, not PACs. We have had thousands of contributors already and have expressly refused special interest contributions of political action committees, which have heavily funded my opponent's campaign. People will control this election, not money."

Dr. Jerome Corsi, co-author of "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry," explains the importance of Iran's threat to create an Iranian Oil Bourse and how it could lead to war. He points out the irony in the fact that the Iranian Oil Bourse is scheduled to open in March which happens to be the same month the peaceful negotiations with Israel ends. This could be dangerous.

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