February 10, 2006

TGIF- Interesting Articles and Open Trackbacks

It's Friday in the blogosphere and that can only mean one thing for Everyman Chronicles: the return of TGIF open trackbacks! So the value of open trackbacks has diminished because NZ isn't keeping up with them for ecosystem rankings. So what? It is still a link to your blog out there on another blog in a visible place. It never hurts to leave that link. Just link back to this post in the post you want to trackback with. If your blogging software doesn't support trackbacks (blogger) you can use the Wizbang Stand Alone Trackback Pinger. Now, on to some interesting reading.

CNN reports that an ex-CIA intelligence official claims that Bush misused intelligence about Iraq to justify the war. Hmm...I wonder where his political allegiance lies.

Google blasts Michelle Malkin in its latest video. ht-Michelle Malkin

My post on Julian Bond as the face of racism was not good enough to be selected by the Watcher's Council this week. Oh well, maybe next time. Have a look at the posts they did choose from this past week for some good reading you may have missed.

GOP has reached a deal on the Patriot Act which is set to expire on March 10th. The fact that many Democrats, including Durbin and Feinstein, support the revised act makes me question its overall effectiveness in the war on terror. I was a supporter of the Patriot Act at one time but changed my views over time about how effective it would be on fighting terrorism.

An Italian judge throws out the case questioning whether Christ existed or not, which was brought up by an atheist (imagine that). Good going judge. It may not be over yet though.

Go ahead and leave those trackbacks. Feel free to trackback with any article on your blog as long as you link back to this post in your entry.

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