February 17, 2006

The Saddam Tapes Reveal Efforts to Hide WMD

While the MSM is trying to loosen the knot in its collective panties over "quailgate," it is doing its best to ignore what should be the single biggest story right now: the Saddam tapes.

The MSM and the liberals have succeeded in convincing the American people that Bush's intelligence about WMD was incorrect and those on the extreme left are convinced that Bush twisted intelligence to his own end to overthrow Iraq and steal its oil. Now, twelve hours worth of recordings featuring Saddam and his top officials in their own meetings will be revealed at a non-governement intelligence conference in Washington D.C. this weekend. Some in the press have been responsible in covering this but not to the extent it should.

The recordings, from the 90's, feature Saddam promising terror attacks in the future against America and Britain but claiming that these attacks would be coming but "not from Iraq." Bill Tierney, the individual responsible for the translation and a member of the UN weapons inspection team, has pointed out that this translation is taken out of context. He states that Saddam was essentially implying that attacks would come from Iraq but would appear to come from elsewhere.

It appears that these tapes corroborate with what former Iraqi General George Sada has stated in his new book, "Saddam's Secrets: How an Iraqi General Defied and Survived Saddam Hussein." Sada also appeared last month on Hannity and Colmes where he revealed that prior to the UN inspection, the WMD was moved via commercial airlines to Damascus in Syria.

So, perhaps once and for all we can end this debate on whether Saddam did or did not have weapons of mass destruction. It is painfully obvious that he did have them and that he was pursuing the use of nuclear weapons as well. Bush didn't manipulate intelligence nor was the intelligence wrong. Saddam did indeed have weapons of mass destruction and had plans on eventually using them against the United States and its allies. I'm sure the liberals will find a way to twist this into nothing but more "neocon propaganda" but they won't be able to fool the American people.

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