February 17, 2006

TGIF-Interesting Articles and Weekend Open Trackbacks

Yes, it's Friday which means open trackbacks here at Everyman Chronicles! You can link back to this post with any post as long as you leave a link to this article in your post.

Robert over at Jihad Watch points out that Hamas wants off of the U.S. terror list. Well, that's an easy one; stop committing terrorist acts. See, wasn't that simple?

John over at Right Wing News offers an open letter to Ann Coulter. Is she getting too extreme?

Michelle Malkin actually agrees with Chuck Schumer for once? No, it can't be!

The Captain points out more liberal university bias this time at the University of Minnesota.

Check out the prisoner abuse photos that the MSM won't show you over on the Jawa Report.

Adam of Adam's Blog gives his thoughts about government intrusion on the values of the traditional family (i.e. gay marriage).

TMH's Bacon Bits points out how the Sauids have supported the extremist Islamic movement.

Go ahead and send in those trackbacks! If your blogging software doesn't support trackbacks use the Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger to send them. Have a great weekend.

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