October 09, 2005

Well, as the season has

Well, as the season has progressed, not much has changed in the top 4. These teams keep piling on the W's and one begins to wonder when some of them will lose. One thing that has plagued me all season is the Big Ten. I just can't seem to nail this conference. I've had Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Minnesota all in the top ten and they're all gone now. The only one remaining is Penn State and in the beginning, they weren't in my top 10 at all. Perhaps it's because the Big Ten has arguably been the best conference this season. Their usual doormats are turning out pretty good games and giving the traditional powerhouses like Ohio State and Michigan fits. Let's see if the Nittany Lions can stay atop the water for another week.

1. USC 5-0
2. Texas 5-0
3. Virginia Tech 6-0
4. Florida State 5-0
5. Georgia 5-0
6. Alabama 5-0
7. Penn State 6-0
8. UCLA 5-0
9. Texas Tech 5-0
10. Miami 4-1

1. USC Same ol' same ol' with the Trojans. Look for next week's matchup with the Irish to be a battle and their first true test of the season. I think it will be close but my money would go on the Trojans.

2. Texas Beating Oklahoma is never easy especially when they're your biggest rival. Mack Brown put a convincing pounding on the Sooners and proved that his team deserves the number 2 spot...for another week at least.

3. Virginia Tech They got off easy this week against Marshall but there is no doubt, the Hokies are the best team in the ACC. Now try telling Florida State fans that. Their only real regular season tests remaining will be Boston College and Miami.

4. Florida State Another team that keeps cruising. The rest of the season looks very favorable until they have to go to the swamp. That will be their stumbling block...oh and the Hokies in the ACC title game.

5. Georgia The Bulldogs went into Knoxville and simply took care of business as usual. We all were holding our breaths awaiting Clausen to pull another rabbit out of his hat as he did against LSU. Instead he pulled out a ticket to the SEC title game...to watch that is. Georgia will probably go into the SEC title game but look for the matchup against Florida to be a big one.

6. Alabama Bama is still holding solid at number 6. They had a bye week which means two weeks to prep an offense without their all-purpose man, Prothro. They'll have a little scrimmage game against Ole Miss next week and then come the Vols. It'll be like Arkansas all over again only the Vols are much better than the Hogs. The Tide will have a battle on their hands.

7. Penn State For once I was right on a Big Ten team and I'm glad it happened to be the Nittany Lions. After squashing the Golden Gophers last week they squeezed out a win against a tough Ohio State squad. This team is for real and we'll probably be seeing them in the top ten here for awhile.

8. UCLA The Bruins have had success early but hadn't really been tested until this week when they managed to beat Cal after a huge fourth quarter comeback. They'll prove to be a tough team to knock off for the Trojans when they meet up in December.

9. Texas Tech I've given this team some flack for such a weak schedule but they did beat Nebraska whom I had as my number 9 last week. So, now they can say they played and beat some real competition. Can they keep up the pace?

10. Miami This was not the team I would have preferred to place in my number 10 spot but Notre Dame didn't play this week and I have a policy of not moving a team up early in the season when they have a bye. Miami pummelled Duke as they should have. They'll run into a brick wall in November when they take on the Hokies. Next week against Temple should be an easy W for the Canes.

Dropped Out: Wisconsin, Nebraska, Tennessee

Notables: Minnesota, Boston College, Colorado, LSU, Notre Dame

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