October 07, 2005

I'm introducing something new to

I'm introducing something new to the blog. TGIF-Interesting Links and Open Trackbacks will be posted every Friday. I'll just point out some articles I've found and will allow open trackbacks. No, I don't have inline trackbacks being a Blogger user, but you're still welcome to use the trackback system that I do have to link to your blog about anything you find interesting. Remember to keep it clean.

Progress on the war on terror- Because the MSM won't cover it if it's not covered in blood.

Gay men will be allowed in the priesthood- (rolleyes) Oh, brother!

Unemployment rises in September- No need to panic just yet though.

13 Page letter found outlining al Qaeda's plans for Iraq- Sounds like some possible inner turmoil?

Senate approves $50B more for Iraq- The bill would raise military members' pay (which I'm all in favor of) but also calls for provisions against torture of detainees.

Thomas Sowell has interesting analysis on the Miers nomination- A weak congress? Hmmm...

Captain Ed notes hypocrisy in Republicans over Miers nomination- And he's 100% right. We can't expect to slam Dems for bringing up religious views on Roberts when all we've heard from the White House is evangelical Christian.

Craziest item of the week: Man receives Nobel Prize IG Noble for developing artificial dog testicles- I'm speechless

If you haven't already, I highly recommend checking out this week's Carnival of Satire, Carnival of the Vanities, and the Carnival of Liberty.

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Update: Apparently Haloscan is having some problems today so I apologize if you've tried to leave a trackback that hasn't gone through.

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