October 07, 2005

Yesterday, the President gave his

Yesterday, the President gave his most firm speech yet regarding the war on terror and the conflict in Iraq. If you're like me, and were forced to slave away for the almighty dollar, then chances are you missed the speech. You can read the transcript of the speech and see the video here.

While the Democrats and those on the left stated that they didn't want to hear "stay the course" that is essentially what they received from the Commander-in-Chief. Democrats continue to demonstrate just how out of touch they are with reality by demanding timetables and deadlines for the conflict in Iraq. Has the administration set certain timetables and goals? Of course, they'd be foolish not to do so in the span of two years. Should we tell every American and thus every citizen of the free world our exact strategy and when we plan on completing said strategy? Obviously the answer is a resounding no. To do so would compromise our OPSEC. For you lefties, who were too busy burning your flags and hating your country to have served in the military, OPSEC means operational security. To release every deadline and every goal would be releasing the information to the enemy and would compromise our success in this operation and ultimately the success of Iraq's growth as a free nation. Aside from OPSEC its just plain good common sense that should tell these liberals that we can't publicize our timetable in Iraq. That would probably explain why they don't understand as common sense in the Democratic party and on the left has become more and more uncommon.

The brunt of Bush's speech focused on the fact that we are dealing with a radical extremist movement with the ultimate goal of enslaving the Middle East in a tyrannical and oppressive empire. We cannot allow that to happen because it affects our domestic tranquility. Once again, the President brought up September 11th synonymously with the war in Iraq, which is always sure to get the left's blood boiling since "Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11." Yeah right. If you believe that then I have some oceanfront property in North Dakota you may be interested in.

There seems to be a large divide among the American people on this issue. Regardless of whether we were justified in our attack on Iraq or not, the fact is, we have attacked and we have successfully removed an oppressive extremist regime. We cannot leave the Iraqi people, untrained, to defend themselves from the extremists that would attempt to take charge of the nation and create a center terrorist state. We are quick to point fingers in this country and not so quick to take action to correct past failings. In Iraq we have very clear goals: train the people of Iraq so that they may defend themselves and help them form their own government based on the foundations of freedom and liberty. We can argue about the reasons for going into Iraq and how they weren't justified when the job is finished. Right now, however, there is an important job to do and our men and women in uniform are risking their lives to do it day in and day out. Risking their lives to ensure that we will have a free America in the future. As the President said: We will not tire, or rest, until the war on terror is won.

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