September 28, 2005

As we all know, New

As we all know, New Orleans Police Commissioner Eddie Compass has resigned. Many have wondered why he would suddenly resign after becoming the media-darling there after the hurricane. Most have speculated that it was because he lost control of 249 officers there who simply vanished. I believe that the problem runs deeper than that. Many New Orleans officers were involved in the looting there in the city in the wake of the storm. I think that as time goes on, we'll see that there were more involved in that activity than may have been previously assumed. I think that Compass essentially lost control and it will be revealed that this media darling wasn't really much of a darling after all. Especially after records indicated that in 2004 and 2005 11 officers had been arrested for being involved in criminal activities including shoplifting, conspiracy, and even bank robbery. Seems like a trend to me. Keep your eyes peeled for the coming firestorm.

h/t- Michelle Malkin

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