September 27, 2005

Yes, believe it or not,

Yes, believe it or not, God led Ashley Smith to give Brian Nichols the crystal meth she claims she gave him in her new book according to this interview in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.* We all remember her right? Her tale of how she kept a "level-head" when taken hostage by Brian Nichols who had been on the run in Atlanta after shooting down a judge and police officers. Now, I'm not one to question anyone's faith. She claims that she has completely turned her life around and if so that is wonderful, but I think its a bit of a stretch to say that "God led me to give Nichols drugs." Of course, I've had my suspicions about this case from the beginning. Things simply did not add up but that is all speculation. Aside from that Smith has released her new book Unlikely Angel and received over $70K in reward money. She's also been offered movie deals (of course) so essentially this drug head stands to make millions off of this tragedy. She has stated that she plans on donating some money to the Katrina relief effort. My how noble.

* To view the article you must be registered. You can use kos's info which was handed out on The Alliance blog. First name: kos, email:, password: dailykos. Wow the left is actually good for something for a change.

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