September 27, 2005

According to this article in

According to this article in the Washington Post Bryan Rehm, a teacher at Dover High School and also one of the parents involved in the lawsuit, testified that he was pressured by the board not to teach "monkey-to-man evolution."' The article goes on to say that Allan Bonsell and other fellow board members dismissed the separation of church and state as myth. Essentially he's right: the separation of church and state was the result of one of the biggest misinterpretations of the Constitution in our history. The aftershock has been felt ever since and will continue to be felt for years to come until we take back our society from the insane liberals who seek to ensure that our kids are raised to be Godless cogs in the liberal machine. The left can't get their insane values passed into law through legislation so instead they rely on two factors, which I've said many times: 1. the court system to dictate law from the bench (aka common law) and 2. the public education system which will produce the liberals of the future.
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