September 19, 2005

Well according to, the

Well according to, the Roberts hearing ended Thursday and the panel will meet on the 22nd to vote on the nomination of Judge Roberts. If he wins approval, the Senate will begin debate on the 26th with a final vote to come later on in that week.

I know many conservatives were not pleased with Roberts' approach to the committee's questioning but after reading over the materials and hearing Roberts' response to the questions posed by the libs I think he handled himself quite well. Most conservatives and liberals are all over the fact that Roberts stated that he wasn't an "ideologue." I'd say that was a perfect way to sum up Roberts' character. I think that he truly will interpret the Constitution with the intent of the founding fathers in mind thus he wouldn't be an ideologue at all. We shouldn't have been expecting Roberts to go in and vow to overturn Roe. I think he did well in representing himself and proved to America that he is ready for this position.

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