September 12, 2005

Right Wing Howler brings up

Right Wing Howler brings up some good points in response to Mayor Nagin's "who's gonna drive the buses?" argument. Sorry, Nagin, but that isn't good enough. If you know that your evacuation plan calls for the use of city buses then you should have set up a task force of drivers ahead of time. Oh and I love the quote that RWH took from Gov. Blanco:
"Mayor Nagin and most mayors in this country have a hard time getting their people to work on a sunny day, let alone getting them out of the city in front of a hurricane," she said. "And it's because this administration and administrations before them do not understand the difficulties that mayors . . . face."
So now lazy city employees should take the blame? Sorry Gov. Blanco, but that just doesn't cut it either.

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