September 08, 2005

Its been many months now

Its been many months now since the extremist, Ward Churchill, brought the chickens home to roost with his ludicrous statements concerning the events of 9/11. He's slowly managed to escape the media radar through this prolonged "investigation" being conducted by a committee at the University of Colorado. While he has certainly used up all of his 15 minutes of fame and then some, it has become increasingly apparent that the University is standing by their man. Among the many charges against Churchill are reports of academic fraud and plagiarism. Churchill has managed to escape other serious charges including the fact that he lied about his ethnicity to gain his position. The panel rejected that claim last month. There are still some serious allegations against Churchill and one begins to wonder why its taking so long to "investigate" them. After reviewing a charge that Churchill made inaccurate statements in a preface for a book written by his ex-wife, the chair of the faculty panel was quoted as saying:
“I have concluded that these allegations, even if true, do not represent research misconduct. It is not the function of the committee to address any inaccuracies that may exist in a faculty member’s writings.”
In other words, we don't care what he says we're not firing him. I believe that they're slowly waiting the media out and eventually they'll make some statement which may appear in a small paragraph in the Denver Post next year stating that after investigating the claims they've found Ward Churchill clear of all accusations. He'll continue to pollute the minds of this nation's youth for many years to come and that will be that. I'm hoping that the media and blogosphere will be responsible enough to not allow that to happen.

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