October 16, 2005

My Week 8 NCAA Top 10

Well, the Big Ten continues to puzzle me as Penn State loses late to a mediocre 4-3 Michigan team. This week was truly one of the best all season. USC finally played a real football team and nearly lost. Bama almost got stunned by an unranked Ole Miss team. Florida State lost to Virginia. As we wrap up this very important week in college football here are my top ten teams:

1. USC 6-0
2. Texas 6-0
3. Virginia Tech 6-0
4. Georgia 6-0
5. Alabama 6-0
6. UCLA 6-0
7. Texas Tech 6-0
8. Miami, FL 5-1
9. LSU 4-1
10. Wisconsin 6-1

1. USC The Trojans escaped their one true test of the season with a last second touchdown by Leinart. They'll cruise into their last game but UCLA may give them a run for their money.

2. Texas They took care of business against Colorado but will have a tough game ahead of them next week as they take on Texas Tech. If they win that game their only real challenge remaining is Texas A&M in the final game of the season.

3. Virginia Tech The Hokies had a bye this week. They take on the Terps of Maryland next week. Look for that to be an easy W.

4. Georgia The Bulldogs beat a decent Vandy team. They get Arkansas next week and then have to take on Florida and Auburn back to back. It won't be easy for the Dogs down the stretch.

5. Alabama While they managed to beat Florida, that win came with a great cost as they lost their key playmaker, Tyrone Prothro. They managed to squeeze out a win against Ole Miss but I think that the Vols will prove to be too much for an out-of-synch Crimson Tide squad next week.

6. UCLA The Bruins also escaped by the hair on their chiny chin chins this week against a very unimpressive Washington State team. If they continue playing like that, they won't remain undefeated for very long.

7. Texas Tech They just keep on winning. Their high powered offense may run into a brick wall next week as they get ready to play a very hungry Texas Longhorns team. I doubt we'll see the Red Raiders here next week in the top ten.

8. Miami, Fl Miami beat Temple. Big whoop. Because a few teams lost and moved out, the Canes get to move up. They'll have a tough time against the Hokies in a few weeks but will probably still be a one loss team when they play them on November 5th.

9. LSU The Tigers have bounced back well since losing that stunner to the Vols a few weeks back. They beat a good Gators team to advance to 4-1 on the season. In my opinion, they're one of the more dangerous one loss teams out there. They have to take on Auburn next week in what will prove to be a fun matchup.

10. Wisconsin The Badgers have bounced back from that close loss against Northwestern by taking down a very good Minnessota team. They make it back into the top ten this week by virtue of Penn State losing. In a season that has been anything but predictable in the Big Ten, the Badgers may be the best team in the conference right now.

Dropped out: Florida State, Penn State

Notables: Auburn, Boston College, Oregon, West Virginia, Nebraska

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