October 27, 2005

Miers Withdraws: A Great Victory!

Harriet Miers has announced her withdrawal from consideration for the Supreme Court. Everyone in conservative America can breathe a sigh of relief...but for how long? Miers did the right thing by withdrawing herself from the nomination. She was clearly not qualified to fill such an important vacancy. It irritates me that the president and Miers would use this "White House documents" excuse instead of simply admitting failure and pressing on. Miers didn't withdraw herself because of any White House document. She withdrew because she knew she wasn't qualified and the "radical right" came out so strongly against her. While I'm glad she's no longer being considered I have to ask two questions: why did it take her so darn long and who's next? Bush has already proven to the American people that he's not interested in appointing a judge in the mold of Scalia or Thomas. If it weren't for the overwhelming voice of this "radical right" she'd be confirmed without a second's hesitation from him. He knows what the American people want in a Supreme Court justice. He failed to deliver the first time. There could have been any number of reasons for that. In any case, the "nominating a woman" tactic has lost its firepower because the Dems will simply use the Miers debacle as fuel for upcoming campaigns. I believe the president should go with Luttig or Estrada, both well known constructionists with a vast amount of experience. But who really knows what's coming next? I just hope that whomever it is, is the constructionist we've all been begging for for so long now.

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