October 28, 2005

TGIF-Open Trackbacks Late Edition

Well, I've started a new job which is crippling my computer use during the day so please excuse this week's late edition of TGIF. I won't bother rehashing links to stories and articles which you've probably read ten times already in some way or another. Rather I'll reserve this week to open trackbacks. So, if you have an article you'd like to share, feel free to link your trackback here. Just ensure you link back to this post. The trackbacks are displayed inline which means people will see your links here on the main page without having to go to the permalink or pop-up box. So go ahead and send those trackbacks in! If your blog service doesn't support trackbacks, feel free to use the Wizbang standalone trackback pinger to send them. Have a great weekend and happy blogging!

Also, if you're from the southern United States, don't forget to submit your best post to the Carnival of the Magnolias by Sunday night at 7 PM EST. Use Conservative Cat's submission form to submit your blog.

Oh and if you get a chance, stop by and check out Eric's Grumbles and help him break into the ranks of the Playful Primates!

Check out the open trackback parties at the following blogs:
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Mudville Gazette
Don Surber
TMH Bacon Bits
Jo's Cafe
Publius Rendezvous
My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
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