October 30, 2005

My Week 10 NCAA Top 10

Here's how my top 10 worked out this week:

1. Texas 8-0
2. USC 8-0
3. Virginia Tech 8-0
4. Alabama 8-0
5. UCLA 8-0
6. LSU 6-1
7. Miami, FL 6-1
8. Wisconsin 8-1
9. Penn State 8-1
10. Georgia 7-1

1. Texas After a first half scare against Oklahoma State, the Longhorns managed to pour it on in the second half. Look for them to run the table completely and make it to the Rose Bowl.

2. USC USC blew out Washington State...no surprise there. The only real game they have to worry about is the UCLA game. If they run the table and get past the Bruins they get into the Rose Bowl.

3. Virginia Tech The Hokies are probably the only team that truly would deserve a title shot if they ran the table. Why? Because down the stretch they would have beat a very good BC team (which they did), a good Hurricanes defense, and Florida State in the ACC title game. The odds are not in their favor.

4. Alabama The Tide routed Utah State 35-3 and become the only SEC team left undefeated. Mississippi State should be a breeze for them but if they want to go all the way they'll have some work ahead of them playing LSU, Auburn, and likely Georgia in the SEC title game. No team has a tougher schedule down the stretch except Virginia Tech.

5. UCLA You had better believe the Bruins are itching to pound on the Trojans. The sad part is, they'll likely go undefeated until they play USC and even if they win, their chances of being in the title game are slim to none. They may be this year's Auburn.

6. LSU LSU stomped North Texas into the ground. Many still think this is the best squad in the SEC. They'll get a chance to prove it in a couple of weeks when they face Bama.

7. Miami, FL Well the Canes, new uniforms and all, fell early to North Carolina but picked up the pieces in time to blow them out. They'll be ready for VT next week.

8. Wisconsin The Badgers keep on winning which makes next week's matchup with Penn State all the more better. If they can beat Penn State they'll likely win out the Big Ten giving their coach a great going away present.

9. Penn State The Nittany Lions are hungry for a Big Ten title but the Badgers stand firmly planted in their way. Next week's game could decide the Big Ten champion.

10. Georgia Yes Georgia lost to Florida but even without Shockley the game was close. Had they had Shockley behind center they would have beaten the Gators...but almosts and should'ves only count in horseshoes and not in college football. The Bulldogs still make it to the SEC title game where they will face either Bama or LSU.

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