October 23, 2005

My Week 9 NCAA Top 10

This was a great week in college football. Georgia, Alabama, and LSU all survived scares to win and remain in the top ten. Texas proved to everyone that they're serious contenders for the title and won't be denied by routing the top offense in the nation and holding them to only 17 points. Meanwhile USC continues to roll as does VT. Here are my week 9 rankings.

1. Texas 7-0
2. USC 7-0
3. Virginia Tech 7-0
4. Georgia 7-0
5. Alabama 7-0
6. UCLA 7-0
7. LSU 5-1
8. Miami, FL 5-1
9. Wisconsin 7-1
10. Penn State 7-1

1. Texas Yes, I have moved Texas to number 1 in my top 10. Why? After all USC hasn't lost yet so shouldn't they be number 1? True USC hasn't lost but Texas has proven that they are the team to beat this year. After obliterating Texas Tech and their high-powered offense 52-17 there is no question. The Longhorns will be smelling roses and they are the best team in the country.

2. USC The Trojans crushed Washington and will cruise into their final game where they'll have to face a tough UCLA squad. UCLA is good enough to beat them. The Trojans have shown flaws this season and won't be able to keep up the pace if they continue to play like they did against Notre Dame.

3. Virginia Tech Virginia Tech probably has the toughest schedule remaining of the top 3. They still have to play Miami and BC then they have to play, most likely, the Noles in the ACC Championship game. If they plan on making it to the Rose bowl they have a long road ahead of them.

4. Georgia The Dogs just keep winning. They survived a scare against the Razorbacks and have a tough schedule remaining with games against Florida and Auburn. Not to mention they may have lost their Heisman contender quarterback as well. The next two weeks will be tough but if they survive they'll likely see the Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship game.

5. Alabama Their defense is carrying them right now. In an unbelievable play, Bama stopped Tennessee at the one forcing them to fumble the ball out of the endzone and giving the Tide the ball at the 20. If the Tide marches on and goes undefeated they can thank Roman Harper and their defense.

6. UCLA The Bruins keep cruising and will likely be undefeated when they face off against USC in their final game. If they manage to go undefeated then they may very well be this year's Auburn...of course so could either Georgia or Bama if they go undefeated.

7. LSU LSU has played well but has certainly shown flaws. They managed to pull off a win thanks to the misfortune of Auburn's kicker. They'll pretty much have to run the table the rest of the way if they want to get a shot at the Sugar bowl.

8. Miami, FL The Canes had their game postponed, ironically enough, because of the coming hurricane. Look for them to give the Hokies a run for their money.

9. Wisconsin Behind Calhoun the Badgers are cruising. They are tied for number 1 in the Big 10 standings but that will change when they face Penn State.

10. Penn State Not willing to allow last week's loss to affect them, the Lions walked up and down on Illinois giving JoePa his 350th career victory. Congrats Coach Paterno-you deserve it.

Dropped Out: Texas Tech

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Posted by everyman at October 23, 2005 04:31 PM | TrackBack

VPI may be underrated. Texas overrated. No way USC though loses the top spot until it loses a game. You gotta knock out the defending champeen

Posted by: don surber at October 24, 2005 09:52 PM

I don't think so. I think team's should be ranked based upon their performance this year and I don't believe in preseason rankings which puts teams like USC at the top of the heap and doesn't give other programs an opportunity to move up. I thought I was taking a bit of a leap by making Texas number one but then again, who's playing better than them right now? Oddly enough, after I posted this, the BCS rankings came out and Texas topped USC for the number one spot so I must not be very crazy lol.

Posted by: Everyman at October 24, 2005 11:40 PM
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