November 02, 2005

Democrats in Crisis

To put it plainly, the Democrats are in a state of crisis and any hopes of regaining congress in 2006 are slowly dwindling away. First we have the Libby indictment. As Max Boot points out in his Op-ed piece in the L.A. Times:

'SCOOTER" LIBBY'S indictment was not exactly good news for the White House, but it could have been a lot worse. Feverish speculation had been building that Karl Rove would soon be "frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs," as Valerie Plame's bombastic hubby, Joe Wilson, had hoped. Or even that Dick Cheney would have to resign.

But with his investigation all but over, prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has found no criminal conspiracy and no violations of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, which makes it a crime in some circumstances to disclose the names of undercover CIA operatives. Among other problems, Plame doesn't seem to fit the act's definition of a "covert agent" — someone who "has within the last five years served outside the United States." By 2003, Plame had apparently been working in Langley, Va., for at least six years, which means that, mystery of mysteries, the vice president's chief of staff was indicted for covering up something that wasn't a crime.

The Dems were seething with delight at the prospect of Karl Rove being frog marched out of the White House in handcuffs but the simple fact is Rove didn't commit a crime. Had their been evidence to the contrary the prosecutor would have indicted him. So their effort of using this leak as a means of tying the White House to this "false intelligence for war" claim has been debunked. It's a true shame that a great man like Libby has to be indicted for something that isn't a crime. If the Dems are thinking that it's a victory then they're shortsighted. Libby will likely be exonerated.

Next, we move on to the nomination of Alito. The left sat back with their popcorn and peanuts to enjoy the spectacle as it appeared that the right was falling apart over the Miers nomination. What they didn't realize is that the Miers nomination, and subsequent confirmation, would have been the best scenario for them. That is why the loons like Reid were behind her nomination because they knew she wasn't the ideal conservative candidate. But the apparent collapse of the right wasn't a collapse at all. Although there was some disagreement about the Miers nomination on the right, the left shouldn't have been urging a withdrawal because it would simply roll out the red carpet for a conservative nomination which is something the left feverishly sought to avoid. While we on the right may have been divided on Miers there was an overwhelming consensus that Miers wasn't the best candidate for the vacancy. Now that Alito has been nominated, the right couldn't be more united. He's a proven conservative intellectual with a strong judicial background (and a couple of Ivy League degrees for those who sought an "elite" nomination like Coulter.) He is the total package and is a justice capable of taking the lead in a court that has leaned in the wrong direction for many years.

Finally, we have the "closed senate session" on Tuesday which was put on by Democrats as a desperate and feeble attempt to rally their constituents with the anti-war rhetoric. Since the "Plamegate" incident, or the "blamegate" incident as I like to refer to it, the Dems couldn't be more frightened about their prospects for the future. The American people know that this Libby indictment is a farce. They know that we were justified in going to war with Iraq. They support a constructionist judicial nominee. All of these factors combined drive the Dems mad.

There can be no doubt that the Democrats are in a state of crisis. Their party is melting down right in front of them as they try one ludicrous maneuver after another to gain the upper hand. Rather than taking a stand on what they believe is right, they've decided to focus on bringing down the Bush administration and the GOP to no avail. They are a party without principles and will never be able to adequately represent an American people driven by principles.

Posted by everyman at November 2, 2005 07:15 PM | TrackBack

I firmly believe the single biggest problem in politics today is bling trust in leaders we do not know and have no reason to trust. Both parties are guilty of this but as the part in power, the GOP is standing out something awful right now.

Bush, Rove, Cheney and Libby have all done a lot of crooked things since they made it to DC. All of the un-researched Halliburton contracts, the over-pepping of WMD's evidence, the failure to be honest about how bad the WoT is going, the promoting of pro-corporation-anti-employee/consumer laws and the promotion of anti-environment laws have all been major items on the agenda of all four of these men. How can they be trusted? You got me but many trust them.

The fact is that most politicians ae out only for themselves and whatever will bring them power. Republicans are believing what their leaders tell them even when evidence suggests they are wrong. Why is that? What have GOP leaders done to benefit the common man's every day life? Is it the financial incentives being given to countries who are relocating overseas? Is it the price gauging that this Administration has allowed by energy and health-care companies? Where, exactly, has the GOP "improved" the every-day life of Americans?

These are questions that need answering. Why DO peopel trust the Administration? The public sure has suffered a lot on account of this Administration.

Posted by: Joseph (OK Liberal) at November 2, 2005 07:31 PM

Joseph, there was a lot more corruption during the Clinton administration than there has been in this administration by far. I will agree that most politicians, on both sides, are only concerned with power for themselves but these politicians know what it takes to stay in office. They know what the people want. That is why we have a conservative executive branch, a conservative legislative branch, and very soon we'll finally have a conservative judicial branch. In honesty, the American people voted for Bush because he was the lesser of two evils. Most people will admit that on the right. We've had our share of problems with the administration there is no question. My problem with the left has been the fact that they offer no solutions. They've spent so much time attempting to demonize the GOP and the right with these petty accusations that don't materialize that they have become a party without principles. Their only principle is demonizing and tearing down the conservatives. That's it...they offer no solutions for improvement and call this constant demonization “progress.” You ask what this administration and the GOP has done for the American people but I ask you: what have the left and the Democrats ever done for the American people? The only reason that they stay close in elections is because of labor unions (who are urged to vote Democrat because the Republicans are supposedly anti-union and big business) and the minorities who have been given promise after promise but have seen nothing in return. Take those away and the Dems lose big on every election (except in certain states like Vermont, California, etc.)

I am not a neocon and I know that this administration has been far from perfect but I think we're in much better shape than we would be if had Kerry been elected. The Miers debacle was a wake up call for the GOP. They know that we won't allow them to abandon their principles. This "radical right wing" that the left refers to happens to account for about 95% of the people in this country when it comes to principles. The Dems have no principles. Tell me how saving animals and aborting babies correlates? It doesn’t! The Democratic party is a party of contradictions. The American people know exactly what they want and there is no room for contradiction.

Posted by: Everyman at November 2, 2005 07:53 PM

I suppose but if that's the case, why do so many people continue to vote Democrat? Even though in very-red Oklahoma the Democrats lost the Presidential bid last year, like 600,000 still voted for Kerry. That suggests that there is a very large base of people, even conservatives, who are angry at their party for pursuing an evil agenda. The point I am making is that if the Democratic Party is a party of no asnwers, the GOP is a party of the wrong answers. I would rather have stupid people in Washington than crooked ones. Besides, the Democratic Party DOEs have ideas. The problem is that Rove cleverly gets Bush to do things that piss the Left off so much that they stop focusing on what they were doing and get rolled up in their Bush-bashing. They really ought to calm down and realize what the Right is doing. I have seen it and it's pretty friggin scary to see how manipulative Bush Co is. CHEERS!

Posted by: Joseph (OK Liberal) at November 2, 2005 08:34 PM

Hmmmm, us Dems can take care of ourselves. I think you should focus on the Republican Congress allowing non-defense discretionary spending to increase at a faster pace than under any President since Lyndon Johnson... the President recovering from polls published yesterday giving him a 37% approval rating, compared to 57% at the same time in Clinton's Presidency. Debt is $7.9 trillion dollars, defecits, no post war planning in Iraq has created a chaos that we will be stuck in for years and years... and I say that as someone who supported intervention in Iraq and still does...

Like I said, I don't think the Dems are what you need to worry about. Alito's getting a fair shake, it really depends on his dissent in Planned Parenthood vs Casey, which did undermine basic tenets of Roe. The last poll out said the Senate should not confirm Alito if its clear he'll move to overturn Roe... 53% to 37%. This is the best position Dems have been in for at least 5 years :).

Posted by: Graham at November 3, 2005 11:59 AM

Graham, I'd like to see your source for the poll because frankly, I think you're misinformed. Did you get the poll from CNN or some other leftist outlet? The majority of people in this country want Roe overturned and that is a known fact.

I won't say that the president and co. have been perfect. I won't say that congress has been perfect but they are much better than anything the left has to offer. There are many issues of which I disagree with the president namely illegal immigration. Despite the rhetoric you hear on CNN and in the rest of the MSM we are making a lot of progress in Iraq and the American people understand that what we're doing there will protect our domestic tranquility in the future. What would you have us do? Leave Iraq right now and have it turn into a central capital for terrorism? We can discuss the reasons for going to war later. Right now there is a job to finish and we must stay the course.

You bring up Clinton and the national debt. Yes, we are in a state of debt but Clinton didn't fix anything when he was in office. He simply took money from social security and other outlets leaving the program in total chaos...something else we were supposed to clean up after the eight year Clinton screw up.

I find it laughable that the Dems are getting exposed for the loons they are. Yes, the president's approval rating is very low right now but rest assured, after Alito is confirmed it will skyrocket causing the Dems to get their panties in a wad all over again.

Posted by: Everyman at November 3, 2005 03:31 PM

I'm not sure how an Alito confirmation will send Bush's rating skyrocketing. It's presumptuous of any political wonk to presume the court has "gone in the wrong direction". The court should not have a "direction" beyond interpreting the laws to the best of their ability and according to the Constition. Leaning in the "wrong" direction is an opinion, and if you pick a judge because you think he will go in the "right" direction, that says to me that the judge has a bias beyond interpreting the Constitution. Thankfully, most of the justices have been thoughtful enough to weigh history and the needs of the American people today.

The Republicans may be more organized, and may be far better at pandering to people who actually vote, but that doesn't make them better than the Democrats, nor more moral, ethical, or anything else. Bush is not a leader, he's a follower of dangerous men who were NOT elected. They've spun their actions well, but some day it will catch up with them and expose them for who they are. Then the Democrats will come in and it will be their turn to screw things up.

Posted by: Rob M. at November 8, 2005 07:55 PM

Rob, do go on! Your diatribes are quite entertaining. Next time I see one of your comments I'll have to remember to grab my popcorn before I take it in.

Posted by: Everyman at November 9, 2005 01:33 AM
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