November 09, 2005

France's Muslim Problem

The left wing media in this country would have the American people believe that the rioting in France is due to "poverty." The truth of the matter is that the problem in France is due to, as the Washington Times puts it, "failure to integrate the heavily immigrant suburbs where rioting began among black and Arab youths, many of who are Muslims." The problem in this logic is the fact that the "religion of peace" does not "integrate." They do not "mix" with other cultures and cannot co-exist with other religious ideals. If you are not a Muslim, in their eyes you are an infidel and infidels will not be tolerated.

The rioting began after two teenage boys, while being chased by authorities, fled inside a building and were electrocuted. The rioting has nothing to do with "poverty," rather it is entirely about religion and twisted ideology. These French "suburbs" as they've been termed by the media, which are actually ghettos, are predominantly Muslim. When these teens were tragically killed it was merely adding gasoline to an already growing fire. Islam is not a religion of compromise. It is not a "religion of peace." It is a religion of conquest and power and this should be a wake up call to all of europe and the United States. The longer we ignore the problem the larger it will become.

One need look no further than the Gaza strip where Israeli families were driven from their homes in an effort to quell Palestinian violence. It didn't work. Why? Because the "religion of peace" is not happy with compromise. It is only happy with conquest. It is not possible to "integrate" these people into society because their religious principles strictly oppose such modern ideas as "tolerance." Western society can no longer turn a blind eye to this problem and attempt to sweep it under the rug. It is a real problem that we must face head on.

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