November 09, 2005

GOP in Crisis?

Many of you may remember my post last week regarding the Democrats in crisis. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't the right that is in a state of crisis.

In an amazing turn of events this week, New Jersey and Virginia elected Democratic governors. Now, this shouldn't be a huge surprise since those are both states which politically lean to the left. I was more shocked with the fact that Governor Schwarzenegger didn't get one of his proposals passed. Not even one! Also, in a move that seemed to pass under the radar, the members of the Dover school district, who are fighting to keep Intelligent Design in their classrooms, were ousted and replaced by Democrats!

Could this be a precursor to the elections for 2006? It would seem so. Bush's popularity is very low at this point, although I personally think that will change soon, and it seems that the American people have become convinced that the administration is corrupt and leading our nation down the wrong path. This should sound an alarm in the White House and among the GOP leadership. Our citizens aren't willing to vote because of the "lesser of two evils" anymore; we need "good."

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