February 07, 2006

The Face of Racism

On February 2nd, WorldNetDaily published an article accusing Julian Bond, NAACP Chairman, of comparing the GOP to Nazis. The article also went on to accuse Bond of calling Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell "tokens." Bond vehemently denied comparing the GOP to Nazis as well as making any derogatory statements towards Secretary Rice or General Powell.

The controversy began after Mr. Bond was invited to speak at Fayetteville State University last Wednesday. After doing a bit of digging myself on the subject I found that the Fayetteville Online website has posted the full audio of the speech. I downloaded the speech and began listening to it. The speech began on a good note with Bond making references to Dr. King as well as his own slave ancestry and how much blacks have progressed since the days of slavery and later segregation. The speech began to turn ugly after about 17 minutes in. Below is a partial transcript of some of Bond's controversial remarks from his speech:

"...war in Iraq has weakened, rather than strengthened, America's defenses including our levees. The war in Iraq has as much to do with terrorism as the administration has to do with compassion." *applause*

"They (Republicans and Bush) decided to use 9/11 as an excuse to break the rules including the Geneva Conventions and the United States Constitution."

"They've increased poverty every year since they've been in office. They've substituted religion for science."

"They use 9/11 as an excuse to wage war on Iraq. Then they use the hurricane as an excuse to wash away decent pay for workers and, in fairness, for minority and women owned businesses. They're turning the recovery over to the same no-bid corporate looters who are profiting from the misery in Iraq." *applause*

"Their idea of equal rights is the American flag and the confederate swastika flying side by side." *applause*

"They've written a new constitution for Iraq an now they're trying to rewrite the Constitution here at home. *applause* And they draw their most rabid supporters from the taliban wing of American politics. And now...now they want to write bigotry back into the Constitution. They want to make one group of Americans outsiders to our common heritage. They want to do what we've never done before; to amend the Constitution to create a group of second class citizens."

"While one party's been whistlin' dixie (Republicans) the other's been whistling in the dark (Democrats.)" *applause*

This tirade lasted for about five minutes after which I had determined I would no longer listen to his pointless and factless diatribe. This is the reason we have racism in America. People like Julian Bond are nothing more than race mongers whose whole goal is to exploit their own people, their own race, to push a leftist agenda and keep themselves gainfully unemployed. To his credit, unlike Jesse Jackson, Mr. Bond does draw a paycheck as a university professor, however, racism is this man's business. Racism is what keeps him in a position of power as chairman on an unneeded NAACP. Rather than speak on the accomplishments and advancements black people have made over the past 150 years he chose to use his invitation to speak at FSU as a chance to stir up hatred and unrest with his senseless remarks. He used his speech as a chance to pull the racism card on an administration whom he disagrees with personally. People like Julian Bond are the reason that racism still exists in America. He has joined his fellow race mongers Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Farrakhan as today's face of racism in America.

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